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The mission of Tampa International Forest Products, LLC, is to be your supplier of choice; your vendor of choice; and your employer of choice.  We must earn the trust of all to establish a quality business relationship.  We will do what we say we will do; and we will do it with integrity, with innovation, and with passion
About Us
(Message from our President, Company History)
Message from our President

Tampa International Forest Products, LLC, is proud to be a subsidiary of Forest City Trading Group, LLC, Portland, Oregon.  What do we bring to your table?

  • 30 professional traders with over 490 years experience in the building products industry.
  • 13 professional staff people with over 185 years experience at Tampa International Forest Products, LLC.

All of us have the same goal – treat others as we want to be treated, with a high level of service based on honesty, integrity, and understanding.  Our people are the key to our success, and we provide them with the latest technology, training, and service tools to make our customers and suppliers lives a little easier.

Why should you deal with us?

  • Because we are all determined to do what we say we will do.
  • Because of the knowledge and market information we provide you on every communication.
  • Because we understand that when your margins benefit, our margins will also benefit.

We know you have a choice in every transaction, and we believe that we are only as good as your last impression of us.

If you are a current trading partner, we thank you for your trust and faith in us and your business. If you are not, we look forward to earning your trust and support in the future.

Joe Brown


Company History

Tampa International Forest Products, LLC, was formed in 1976 in Tampa, Florida.  Through the efforts of our dedicated employees, we have grown to a company that last year shipped over 4,500 carloads and 11,000 truckloads of building products.  Our 900 customers depend on us to provide service on every order.  Our suppliers depend on us to distribute their full range of products to our customer base.  We are involved in both short-term and long-term planning for customers and suppliers.  Our job is to use our innovation and skills to match the needs of suppliers and customers in a manner that creates a profitable long-term business relationship for all.  We owe our growth and success to our customer and supplier loyalty.  We will continue to support manufacturers who produce product using sustainable forest management.


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Customer Resources
(Terms and Conditions, Credit Application, Tally Calculator, Material Safety Data Sheet)
Environmental Considerations
(Corporate Environmental Policy)

Skyway BridgeForest City Trading Group, LLC is one of the largest lumber and building materials wholesale organizations in North America. Forest City Trading Group, LLC and its subsidiary companies are dedicated to building and enhancing professionalism within their industry sphere and providing a wide range of products and information to the customers they serve. We recognize that leadership in the forest products industry carries a responsibility to the environment and, in particular, the world’s forests. Forest City Trading Group, LLC our subsidiary companies actively support those suppliers who use sustainable forest management practices that promote forest sustainability and result in long-term environmental, social, and economic benefit.

Forest City Trading Group, LLC and its subsidiary companies endorse the significant efforts being made within the forest products industry to assuage the public’s environmental concerns through the development and implementation of scientifically based forest products certification programs. We view the wise and prudent use of renewable resources as a cornerstone to the world’s long term building products needs, and support those firms and organizations that embrace these practices. We define certified forest products as those materials that originate in forests that have been independently audited and certified as well managed by a credible independent third party. We intend to increase the purchase and sale of third party certified forest products when price and availability allow.

Clearwater SunsetIn accordance with the above policy, it is our intent to inform and educate our employees, customers and suppliers on those organizations that are developing and promoting forest products certification programs, Accordingly, we recognize that the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Canadian Standards Association (CSA) as some of the leading programs using sound, scientifically based management principles in promoting sustainable forestry practices.

Forest City Trading Group, LLC and its subsidiary companies promote implementation of and compliance with constructive logging laws in all global timber-producing regions. We categorically reject illegal logging practices in any part of the timber-producing world and support the establishment of laws and regulations that protect legal and sustainable trade in forest products. We urge all levels of government to enforce laws established to prevent environmental destruction caused by illegal logging.

Forest TreesAs an industry leader, Forest City Trading Group, LLC and its subsidiary companies is committed to leveraging its influence in the marketplace to promote the conservation and protection of natural resources. Wood products from our forests provide vital benefits and are widely used in all facets of residential and commercial construction, furnishings and many other applications. We recognize and promote wood as the only all-natural, biodegradable, renewable resource that will provide for our benefit today and for our children tomorrow.

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Industry Certifications
(Current certifications we hold)

SFIVoluntary third-party forest certification began in the 1990s in response to market concerns about forest management and illegal logging, primarily in developing countries.

The SFI program was launched in 1994 as one of the U.S. forest sector’s contributions to the vision of sustainable development established by the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. Its original principles and implementation guidelines began in 1995, and it evolved as the first SFI national standard backed by third-party audits in 1998.

Today, SFI Inc. is an independent, non-profit organization responsible for maintaining, overseeing and improving a sustainable forestry certification program that is internationally recognized and is the largest single forest standard in the world.

The SFI 2010-2014 Standard is based on principles and measures that promote sustainable forest management and consider all forest values. It includes unique fiber sourcing requirements to promote responsible forest management on all forest lands in North America.

SFI certification also extends to the market. When they see the SFI label on a product, consumers can be confident they are buying wood or paper from certified forests or certified sourcing – whether it is reams of paper, packaging or two-by-fours.


FSCEstablished in 1993 as a response to concerns over global deforestation, FSC is a pioneer forum where the globalconsensus on responsible forest management convenes and through democratic process effects solutions to the pressures facing the world’s forests and forest-dependent communities.

Within this forum, voices from the Global North and South, from organizations big and small, assemble to define environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management and identify the tools and resources that will effect positive, lasting change.

As a multi-stakeholder organization, FSC applies the directive of its membership to develop forest management and chain of custody standards, deliver trademark assurance and provide accreditation services to a global network of committed businesses, organizations and communities.

FSC certification provides a credible link between responsible production and consumption of forest products, enabling consumers and businesses to make purchasing decisions that benefit people and the environment as well as providing ongoing business value.

FSC is nationally represented in more than 50 countries around the world.

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